Our goal is to create awareness of inventors from all parts of the globe, all races, all religions, all genders, all sexual orientations and all disabilities.

We are a nonprofit organization.  We have minimal administration staff and rely on trained volunteers.  Our business model is a Social Purpose Enterprise.  We obtain revenue to cover our costs by charging a fee for displaying our exhibits.  We obtain donations from corporations to create new exhibits.



The Black Inventions Museum was started by Lady Sala S Shabazz in 1988. It grew from a 2 table display in California to a 15 table exhibit that toured in the US and Africa during the 1990s. The exhibit has delighted and educated over 1 million people in 4 countries and 38 US states. Lady Sala passed in 2002.

In 2001, Francis Jeffers acquired the exhibit and added new sections on African Canadians, African British, African Caribbean and continental African inventors.

In 2008, Francis Jeffers expanded the mandate to showcase inventors and inventions from other cultures and traditions.  The Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum was founded to showcase Asian, Latin American, Women and Aboriginal inventors and innovators.  Our plan is to create more exhibits featuring other underrepresented groups.