Eggbeater.  Lawn mower.  Space shuttle retrieval system.  Window cleaner.

These were all invented by Africans.

Since 1988, The International African Inventors Museum has toured 180 cities in 4 countries and 38 US states.  New sections have been added to showcase African Canadian, African British, African Caribbean and continental African inventors.


Cataract Laserphacoprobe

This medical instrument to remove cataracts from the eye was invented in 1986.  Dr. Patricia Bath holds several firsts, including the first black female surgeon appointed to UCLA.


Cloning and sequencing the gene for E. Coli

Dr Carlton Gyles is a Professor at the University of Guelph and is one of the world’s leading experts on E. Coli.


Cloning a factor implicated in breast, ovarian and colon cancer

Born in Barbados, Dr Juliet Daniel is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University.


Dr. Jude Igwemezie is the founder of a consulting firm in railway engineering that manufactures practical and cost-effective rail-to-tie fastening systems.


Blood banks  

Dr. Charles Drew’s (1904-1950) research into the storage and shipment of blood plasma saved many lives during WW2.  He also campaigned against the segregation of “black” and “white”  blood.


Hubbard Oven

Born in Toronto in 1842, William Peyton Hubbard invented and manufactured an oven.  Trained as a baker, he was a successful Councillor and Mayor.

Graphite Lubricator for steam engines

Born in 1844, Elijah McCoy held 52 other patents.


Humber College hosted the International African Inventions Museum celebrating African history. The exhibit features dozens of inventions from country natives.

The IAI Museum visits Humber College! Shaleni McBain reports.

The International African Inventors Museum is a traveling event that showcases inventions created by Africans throughout history. Former MP, Jean Augustine, spoke at the event. Humber News reporter Stephen Donkers has details. REPORTER - Stephen Donkers CAMERA - Kaite Boivin