Help us celebrate inventors from all nationalities!
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Book a showing for your lobby

You can help raise awareness of the heritage theme of the month by booking an exhibit in your lobby.  We can customize our exhibit to suit the needs of your employees and visitors.


Sponsor a school

Schools pay for our exhibit out of funds they raise from parents.  Some schools cannot afford us.  Particularly those schools in the communities that need to hear our message the most.  We offer curriculum-based activities at a low cost per student. See Our Impact.

  • sponsor a school in GTA:  $415/day to $710/day (varies with size of exhibit)

  • sponsor a school outside GTA:  as above plus travel costs

Sponsor a new exhibit

We want to build on our successful track record to create exhibits to celebrate the other heritage months.  We need funds to:

  • research content and create displays

  • develop lesson plans and interactive games that fit the curriculum

  • recruit facilitators from the community featured.  Then we train our volunteer facilitators to run student activities and answer questions from adult viewers.

  • cost is $2,500



Our wish list

We retain the responsibility to display the content according to our own impartial standards.  Any exhibit that enters school property cannot display corporate logos.  However, we would be happy to display your logo on our website and on any showings in office buildings.  You will also receive a free showing in your lobby.

MonthHeritage ThemeMulticultural Inventors Museum
FebruaryBlack HistoryAfrican Inventors exhibit
MayAsian Heritage
South Asian Heritage
East Asian Inventors exhibit
South Asian Inventors exhibit
JuneAboriginal History Aboriginal Inventors exhibit
OctoberWomen's History
LGBT History
Islamic History
Latin American History
Disability Awareness
needs sponsor
needs sponsor
needs sponsor
needs sponsor
needs sponsor

Call Francis Jeffers at 416-839-2442