What we provide:

  • exhibits

  • tableclothes

  • signage and banners

  • facilitator




  • tables (unfolded, in upright position in the exhibit space.  We will rearrange tables to fit the exhibit)

  • parking permit

Exhibits can be set up in a large resource room, foyer, library or gymnasium or any enclosed space. Our full exhibit occupies 20 tables (6ftx3ft). Exhibits can be adapted to fit smaller rooms (15 tables and 10 tables).


  • Today:  telephone us to explain your needs and to book a showing.
  • A few days before:  we will telephone to confirm details.
  • Morning:  it takes about 1-1.5 hours to set up an exhibit.
  • Showing:   our specially-recruited and trained staff are available to engage viewers.  For school visits, we also offer activities tied to the curriculum (e.g. scavenger hunt).
  • Conclusion:  it takes about 1 hour to take down the exhibit.


20 tables $720/day
15 tables $575/day
10 tables $420/day

Payable on show date. Volume discounts are available. Make cheque payable to “Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum”.

Book an exhibit for your school or office lobby.
Call Francis Jeffers at 416-839-2442.