Ms. Carol Bonair, B.A., MISt.

Cultural Competency 101:  Black Contributions to Civilizations

Provides an overview of the contributions made by Black people to the development of civilization in Ancient Egypt, West Africa, Mexico, Central & North America and Europe

Cultural Competency 102:  Christianity's Development in Africa

Provides an overview of how the African Kemetic Mystery system gave rise to Christianity.

Cultural Competency 103:  The Development of the Ideology of Racism

Provides an overview of how racism developed and the impact racism has had on Black people in the U.S. and Canada

Each lecture is a highly visual 40 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period and an accompanied by a reference book cover display.

Presentations on Black Inventor's ancient and modern are also available for young students.  These presentations are also 40 minutes followed by an interactive exercise.

Cost: $400.00 plus expenses



Mosa McNeilly is a visual artist, performer, and ritualist, an educator, researcher, and editor. Working through interdisciplinary methodologies grounded in African diasporic knowledges, McNeilly riffs on Black radical imagination, Middle Passage memory, and the Sacred. Spanning three decades, her art and performance work has been widely exhibited, published, and performed. She has lectured and presented on panels in universities and conferences, received numerous awards, and has delivered hundreds of arts education programs in schools reaching thousands of learners. She holds an MES from York University with a focus on socially-engaged art, performance, and ritual practices of the African diaspora.