Urban Cosmos Project


There’s plenty space for everybody!

Introducing The Urban Cosmos Project which provides an effective and efficient platform to engage youth and adults in marginalized communities. This project with its various embedded programs, can bring the majesty and beauty of our universe to all communities in the GTA.

The Urban Cosmos Project Astronomy Outreach:

Our aim in Astronomy outreach is to bring the wonders of the universe where people live. It is our intent to stimulate interest in STEM by setting up telescopes in marginalized communities throughout the GTA. 

Mission Statement

Use Astronomy to encourage marginalised groups, young women and the economically disadvantaged to pursue careers in Space Science.

Provide educational support to these students while addressing diversity issues within Space Science

Provide basic instruction and hands – on training to marginalised communities in observational astronomy


The Urban Cosmos Project was founded July 13, 2017 as a response to the paucity of programs involving marginalized youth in STEM fields. The multidisciplinary aspects of the space sciences such as Astronomy allow our youth exposure to many STEM fields in just one program. The project will be launched in 2018.


The Urban Cosmos Project consists of two program branches:

  1. Education
  2. Outreach


  • The Education branch of the Urban Cosmos Project provides structured semi-formal instruction in Astronomy through two methods:
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Astronomy related lab work using inexpensive materials found in the home or purchased from a discount store


The Urban Cosmos Project programming will include the following:

School Program

The school program targets marginalized youth in grades 4 through 12. This eight week program covers the material based on grade level. The course meets after school one day per week for two hours. The first hour is for lecture concluding with lab activity. Students conclude each eight week session with an Astronomy related presentation.

March Break Program

This program focuses on the same demographic as the School Program. This five day program consists of a modified curriculum based on these IOAA syllabus subject headings:

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Solar System
  3. Stars
  4. Stellar Systems
  5. Space Technologies & Exploration

Each day of camp consists of a series of brief lectures, a lunch break, a daily lab activity and a leisure activity or sport.

Space Camp

This one or two week program also focuses on the same demographic as the School Program. This programme follows modifications of the IOAA syllabus subject heading “Space Technologies and Exploration.” Campers learn how to use problem solving in simulated human and robotic mission to the Moon, Mars and beyond to include a simulated countdown.

Summer Camp

The eight week Summer Camp Program is aimed at the grades 4 -12 demographic of the School Program. It combines the elements of the full IOAA syllabus based curriculum with the structure of the March Break Program. 

Urban Star Party

Curiosity abounds when a telescope is set up. It is this curiosity we harness to engage in the most effective outreach tool in Astronomy – the Star Party.

Tutoring in Math and Science

This part of our outreach seeks to assist in the preparation of youth and adult learners in their pursuit of STEM careers by providing low cost group and individualized tutoring.  This approach gives the learner the necessary support to gain the critical math and science skills necessary to enter Space Science or any other STEM field.