• Our exhibits are informative.  We showcase inventors from all nationalities.

  • Our volunteers are recruited from the community to bring real-life experiences.  Our volunteers are fully trained to run curriculum-based activities and to engage with adult viewers.

  • Our exhibits complement the impact of story tellers and interpretive artists, who educate in other ways.

As visitors enter an exhibit, they will learn about inventions from ancient times. The middle section showcases inventions from the past 200 years, including the inventors and other pertinent historical information. The final section educates about inventors, engineers and astronauts of the space age.



You save travel time.  Our message can reach a broader audience.



We can adapt our exhibits for students (grades JK-12) and for adults (e.g. lobby of an office building, shopping mall, community centre). Our 4 exhibits feature inventions from multicultural communities that match the Heritage months.  For example, our exhibit on African Inventors supports the February Black History Month.



Depending on the space you have available, you can request a full exhibit or a half-exhibit.  The exhibit can run for 1-5 days in each location.



As a travelling museum, we have no “bricks and mortar” costs.  And we don’t pay full time staff, other than one office person.  See Our Impact for our low cost per viewer.